Hello. I'm Jess - a teensy human speck with huge ideas, a bustling brain and an insatiable passion for creative, disruptive digital innovation.

It's nice to digitally meet you. I can't possibly know who I'm speaking to, but somehow I get the feeling you're a good egg. Thanks for peeking into my humble corner of the internet. You're welcome here.

In my time, I've worked for Disney, Tennis Australia, Laura Ashley, Boden, Hopelab and many other powerhouses of creativity. I've consulted in Digital Innovation directly for CEOs and been the rocket in the pocket of countless brands. Think of me as the back-stage runner who gets impossible things done but has no interest in being in the spotlight.

Data science excites me (now she's just making things up, you think, as your eyes narrow in cartoon-esk suspicion). I equally love delving into the depths of my imagination. And not just pushing the boundaries of convention, but redefining where the edge actually is. Going beyond it. Seeking the new and original thoughts.

I put myself in places of discomfort and flux because that, dear pixellated reader, is where I believe the really exciting, electric change happens. The evolution. The aliveness. The vast, sprawling universe of play, where every serendipitous possibility exists.


Out of ~3,600 projects I've selected some favourites, for your viewing pleasure.

A bunch of my work to date is unfortunately (but necessarily) under strict NDA. Sorry about that. I also can't really "show" you innovation as it is in itself a process and way of thinking. But I can show you the visual results of extensive research, journey mapping, analysis of audience insights and creative conceptualisation. Ultimately, the process of innovation culminates in intuitive and immersive physical and digital experiences. Data discovery brings facts to light that form practical foundations and provide logistical constraints; creative intuition brings the nuance, the disruptive prowess and the empathetic connection. We need both.

G'day for Good: Care Packs for Community

Wireframing, website design, Shopify inventory build & management, social media strategy & content creation.

Design and build of a website, social media content and caption copywriting for an Australian company creating community care packs and periodical bundles (for that time of the month). The packs include products that support local, environmentally positive businesses.  www.gdayforgood.com.au


Australian Open, Tennis Australia AO2020

Brief: Customer Experience, Ideation, Digital Design, Disruptive Tech for Activations, UX/CX, EDMs, Device Testing, Development

Goals achieved: Increase engagement and ticket sales across trackable digital products

My role: Digital design, creating and presenting physical and digital activation decks for partners, brainstorming, training & mentoring juniors, testing campaigns in 96 devices, creation of best practice usability guidelines, implement acknowledgment of country statements across digital products.


Email Marketing Strategy, Design, Development: AO Merch

Email Marketing Strategy, Design, Development for AO20

Email Marketing Strategy, Design, Development for Events, Line-ups and Special Features during AO2020

G'day for Good: Social Media & Digital Content, Website UX. View full Case Study >

Mask Planet: Sustainable, For-Purpose Ethical Ecommerce. See More Web Design >

Hopelab California: UX & UI for Teen Mental Health App

Character Design with a Sense of Aussie Humour. See More Design Examples >

Series of recognisable Australian characters for storytelling journey in making banking and financial planning accessible to young adults.

High & Wild: Social Strategy & Content for Artisan Venue, Live Music & Creative Workshops. See More Social Examples >

Social media strategy, caption copywriting, content generation, POS development, integrations and software management, ecomms web wesign and Shopify development, digital design and videography for reels, artist management.

Illustrations: 39 Tips for Artists on Matt Gondek's Clean Break Podcast

Develop a set of illustrations for 39 Artist Tips articles, tailored to suit the audience of artists and focussed on inclusivity in photographic source imagery.

UX and Web Design for Log Cabin Resort Experience

Branding Development for Humanoid AI Tech

Highway1 Theatre Co: Social Media & Ad Campaign for Record Ticket Sales

Website, UX and Character Development for AI Event in DC. See More Web Designs > 

Email Marketing Design for FundView
See More Email Marketing Examples >

Sustainable Clothing Redistribution Ecomms Website Design

Punk Santa Christmas Card Set Design & Stickers

Branding, Design and Web Development: Anti-Germ Fashion

Travel Portal for Influencers: Website, Bookings & UX Design

Making Silent Rangehoods Desirable

In-house: Digital Manager
Contract: Digital Creative Consultant
Client: Schweigen Home Appliances and the Axis Group
Responsibilities: Digital Transformation, Strategy, UX, Design, Advertising, Social Media
Video Advertising Cmpaign: 348K YouTube views www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFlQJd3M3Mk&t=1s


Take an outdated website and lacklustre customer experience and create a fully comprehensive 5-star customer journey. Bring stories back to the kitchen, as the hub of the home. Create an empowered tone of voice within an advertising campaign that redefines the norm and challenges gender stereotypes.


Creation of wireframes, website, mega menu, rangehood buying guide, web development, creation of a database of customer-centric SEO-rich articles, social content and media outreach, videography and product photography, disruptive and memorable print advertising campaign, digital transformation program including software transitions, strategy and process docs for three year flexible marketing plan.


Huge uptick in traffic and sales, viral advertising campaign on youtube, improvements to internal culture and collaboration, increase of engagement across social media channels and growth of organic audience, development of brand as household name within the industry.

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